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Halloween event 2015 - Create your own Monster!

Dieses Thema im Forum "News" wurde erstellt von Cisa, 25 Oktober 2015.

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  1. Cisa

    Cisa Community Manager Community Manager

    Create your own “Monster”

    Dear community,

    it’s slowly going on Halloween and as it’s not unusual in this season to meet monsters of all kinds, we’ve come up with something special for you.

    The inhabitants of our bestiary wish for more residents that join them in their fight against Aetherra’s heroes.

    Now it’s up to you!
    Let your creativity flow and create something that has never been there before!

    Design your very own “monster” – or even two, or three – with the help of our guide (see below) and send it to us forum@unbended.zone

    NOTE: Of course it’s all right for you to be inspired by other monsters and beasts, but in the end, your monster needs to be of your own creation.

    The deadline for entries is November 8, 2015.

    After expiration of the entry period, we will put up all monster designs up for vote by the community. The monster submitted that receives the most votes will become an official UNBENDED monster and be incorporated into the game.

    The second placed entry will be rewarded with a black UNBENDED t-shirt that will be individualized with respective beast. The third placed entry can look forward to a similarly individualized UNBENDED mug.

    There is no recourse to the courts. Members of the UNBENDED team and their relatives are not permitted to take part in the event.

    You can discuss the Halloween event here: http://forum.unbended.zone/threads/discuss-the-halloween-event-2015.736/

    The UNBENDED team wishes you much fun coming up with your monsters!

    • Create your own monster. There may be up to three (3) submissions per participant.
    • Submissions have to be mailed to forum@unbended.zone
    • Deadline is Sunday, 8 November 2015
    • To determine the winner, all monster designs will be put up to vote by the community. Each forum member may vote once.
    • 1st place: the winning monster will become a part of the game
    • 2nd place: an individualized UNBENDED t-shirt, black
    • 3rd place: an individualized UNBENDED mug
    • Each participant may only place once. In case of a participant placing multiple times, only the highest placing is counted. The lower place goes to the next placed participant.



    What’s your monster called?

    Appearance: How does your monster look? Describe it in detail.

    Sketch: Give us something to look at. No worries, we don’t expect all participants to be great graphical artists. A scribble, for example, is just fine! Seriously.

    Distribution: Where (maybe even when, 24/7 or just at specific times?) can your beast be best found?

    Attack and defense: How does your monster attack the inhabitants of Aetherra? How does it defend itself against attackers? Does it hunt in groups or rather solitary?
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  2. Cisa

    Cisa Community Manager Community Manager

    There are still a few hours left to send in your monsters!

    Our thanks to everyone who submitted their monster(s) yet. Those are some really cool and interesting ideas that you guys came up with! :)

    How we'll proceed from here?

    Give us a couple of days to translate all monsters into German resp. English.

    The voting will most probably start on Wednesday. Voting will be open for two weeks, so you'll have time enough to cast your vote.

    Winners will be announced subsequently.​
Status des Themas:
Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.