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Our Bestiary

Dieses Thema im Forum "The World of Unbended" wurde erstellt von Cisa, 18 September 2014.

  1. Cisa

    Cisa Community Manager Community Manager

    What would a world be without its monsters?

    In this thread, you can discuss those beasts we soon will present you in our newest section: "Bestiary." And of course, you can also bring in your own thoughts and ideas about the creatures that you'll be facing in UNBENDED.

    Edit: We've added another thread exclusively for your ideas on what could be a monster/enemy in UNBENDED to ensure that it stays clear which monsters will be in the game and which are still only proposals.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 20 September 2014
  2. The Nightmare is now in the Bestiary - I think it's a great start to the section as it's not your average run of the mill wolf/bear/orc etc - sounds a bit like a cross between a spider (prey immobilizing & appendages) and an evil kitty (playing with it's prey before killing it). It's nice to see that the beasts are starting out to be atypical just as the character classes are.
  3. Cisa

    Cisa Community Manager Community Manager

    I totally agree.

    The Nightmare creeps me out, to be honest. It's not only the picture - which is great! - but also the description. They sound extremely difficult to kill on top of being able to kill the character in a gruesome way. The only good thing about them is that they don't come in groups!
    I also love the idea that they hate (and can be hurt by) daylight. Makes the day/night rhythm actually important to playing rather than simply offering a different viewing experience.
  4. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Thank you for not making "Nightmare" into a joke horse monster like many others did.
    If it could stand tall and still at the corner of the screen just watching the Player, it would be a perfect Slenderman replica.

    P.S. The “post your wishes in the forum” link is broken on the English bestiary page.