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The Question-Thread

Dieses Thema im Forum "Unbended in general" wurde erstellt von Cisa, 26 Juni 2014.

  1. Cisa

    Cisa Community Manager Community Manager

    This thread is meant for any questions you have concerning UNBENDED and that as of now are unanswered.

    The answers of the UNBENDED team can be found in our FAQ section. Please read this section before posting your question to ensure that is has not yet been answered.

    1. Only 1 question per post. You may post multiple times; yes, spamming is for once alright!
    2. No discussions in this thread! For that why we have a different post here.
    3. Try to keep it short and concise. Posts that are too elaborate, or worse, contain more than one question, can be moved to the discussion thread. Keep in mind that we want the FAQ to be clear and readable to anyone.

    All questions up to #43 have now been answered in the FAQ section.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 7 September 2014
  2. Do you plan to translate the game to languages other than German and English? If yes, than which ones?

    I'm asking this question because I visited several Russian Sacred-related sites, and some people there are fairly interested in your project. But many of them are reluctant to donate to the cause because they are afraid that the game won't be available in the language they can read.
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  3. Will early backers be able to participate in an Alpha or Beta ?
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  4. Will interesting item modifiers such as Split be making a return?

    I loved the risk/reward aspect of Split and the way it could make new builds possible.
  5. Sacred 2  was about 59 square km in size.

    How big is the seamless world of Unbended going to be?
  6. Hello,

    Will there be a Linux port of Unbended?
  7. Will monsters respawn in Unbended (like they did in Sacred 1)?

    If so, could we please have an option to disable it? Because respawning monsters was the one thing I really, really hated in Sacred 1!
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  8. Will there be a light and dark path?
  9. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Will you reintroduce the “PC commentary” frequency setting again? Many of us loved to toggle it to our liking.
  10. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    There have been many unused or deactivated speech resources in your previous works. It’s sad to find great parts of the game missing like that. How much will you be avoiding unimplemented resources this time? Will it be possible to bring them back latter with community patchs or something?
  11. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    How improved will the new “Run away! Run away!” enemy AI self-preservation instinct will be if the PC is clearly overpowered for them? Last time the enemies just backed up a couple of steps and that was it. Worse, if you tried to pet them on the head (or got too close) they would go suicidal every time and attacked you. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the world around you and pet the little critters. :( Could you make them not commit suicide this time?
  12. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Will you give us access to all the text files to freely translate the game into other languages than English and German? There are fans of your works who don’t speak ether language.
  13. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Will the “kobolds” be garden gnomes or lizards?
  14. Will there be blood?


  15. will there be any factors allowing us to take certain side quests or actions? like character lvl, unlocking quest after ending other quest, or some other things?
  16. will there be a Class specific Quest-line ?
  17. do you plan any passive skills? i know we can usualy get hp buffs from str etv. which means we need to lvl up, but i mean passive buffs from skills which we can level up with "runes" like we did in s1 (there were no passives tho"
  18. Will there be cookies? (blame Rente for reminding me of this :D)
  19. Any plans for controller support?

    As I get on in age using a mouse and keyboard to game for any length of time is proving more and more difficult, nearly impossible. Bad back. Whine whine. I still run a lot of PC stuff on the TV, I'm just limited to stuff with controller support or that can feasibly handle an Xpadder profile. Most games akin to this don't support inputs that allow for Xpadder to work out due to pathfinding based movement and very mouse-centric menus. Not to say that the game shouldn't focus on being the best that it can be as a PC experience, just like, I loved Sacred 1 and 2, I'm super excited to discover this project and I hope to lose countless hours to it too, preferably comfortably.
  20. Will Weapons and Armor have fixed modifications/attributes?

    If yes, will those have a value range?

    In D3, gear would have at most 2 fixed attributes with the others all random and it was something I did not care for. Nothing was more disheartening then finally finding a piece of gear you had been searching weeks for, only for it to roll attributes that were completely useless for your character.

    I hope it's fixed attributes with value ranges. This way I know what to expect for each piece of gear and whether it's useful for my character. But different values would mean each item would be unique, some better than others and we would always continue searching for that perfect one.

    Edit: Just saw this in FAQ
    Will there be fixed attributes for item slots when creating items (i.e. attack speed only on gloves and weapons) or are the attributes going to be randomly distributed?
    There won’t be any coincidences with crafting, see above. While spawning, the loot-engine will be able to produce some rather exotic items though. That could be quite interesting.
    Does this refer only to crafting or items from loot too?