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Your ideas for the Bestiary

Dieses Thema im Forum "The World of Unbended" wurde erstellt von SX255, 19 September 2014.

  1. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Now we are having fun!

    Of course we are to expect the basics: wolves, bats, boars, snakes, bears, tigers, elementals, golems, mummies, minotaurs, dragons. But there are so many monsters that usually get omitted from videogames. Time to open up all 4 Pathfinder Bestiaries to see what would be fun for all to fight in the drift. Let’s just go down the monster list. Yes, all 1200 of them. I’ll make this short.

    Giant Ants
    We had rats, spiders, maggots and snakes as basic swarm enemies, but rarely do we see swarms of giant ants in games. Giant ants have justifiable infinite respawning, huge numbers, can fly to create new nests, and dig huge tunnel systems. Put these guys in any game and you can explain any crazy cave tunnel as “ants did it”.

    Assassin Vine
    More of a trap than a monster, the camouflaged killer vine is great simple adversary plant to keep the players ever vigilant in the darker depths of the forest. And having these things attack any other noneplant monster in their attack range will make for a good show.

    Bulette (AKA Landshark)
    Big, armored, stupid, burrows though the ground and leaps at its prey. What’s not love?

    Giant Centipede
    Ew. Just ew.

    Giant Crab
    We had turtles. Let’s try something else to kill on the beaches.
    I now have a craving for crab sticks, even though they are not made of crabs.

    Barbed Devil
    Unlike normal enemies, this guy has inbuilt spike retaliation for every melee attack. A good reason to play ranged classes.

    Giant Eagle
    Regular crows as not intimidating. Let’s go bigger.

    If we can kill “endangered” animals, we can kill giant evil elephants.

    A classic that went out of favor. An enemy for ruins and ruble. Give him the ability to take shape of regular big rocks and the player will never let his/her guard down.

    Because green orcs in the desert is just plain silly.

    An armored dire bull. If being a regular torero is not fun, try stampedes.

    A doberman pinscher with fire for fur. Who gathers wood for campfires when you have one of these.

    Everyone always forgets about the militaristic and smart hobgoblins. These guys actually practice military tactics and strategies instead of running head first into battle like a dumb orc.

    Can’t remember anyone ever using the human face four legged variety in games. It’s always something bipadal or lionfaced. Just look at that guy – it’s a perfect killing horror.

    How can Unbended go without killer toilets? This paralyzing rare slow deadly beast can take the shape of any interactive item. Doors, ladders, chests, barrels, chairs. Run into this thing once and you will never feel safe next to an oddly placed crate ever again. No RPG is complete without this thing.

    It’s a catsized dragon. These things would replace pigeons for the title of "flying rat".
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  2. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Giant ice centipede that sets itself on fire when needed. It’s the “ants did it” for ice caves.

    Rust Monster
    Remember these? They eat metals like candy. In a game full of crafting and loot these things should feel right at home as cleanup crew. And you will < censored > every time one goes for your prized armor set.

    People want them done right.

    Shocker Lizard
    If Pikachu was an iguana. They are small, and they shoot lightning. What’s not to like?

    An oversized mosquito. Tiny, but scary on low levels.

    Crowheaded people. Never used in games for some odd reason. A nice substitute for ratmen and regular rogues in the sewers or other rundown city areas.

  3. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Honorable mention
    Spider Bee
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  4. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    BOOK 2

    Attic Whisperer
    Who doesn’t like undead children manifestations in their attics?

    A ghost with a powerful sonic wail.

    Blink Dog
    What’s more challenging than wolves? Wolves that teleport.
    Haven’t seen these guys in any games since STALKER.

    Is it a dog? Is it a bat? Is it a dog? The important part is that it’s fast, vicious and like to suck on goats.

    Fungal Crawler
    Big cockroach + brain fungus = Run!

    Somebody tried to make a Pegasus by fusing eagles with horses. They failed not only on the visuals, but also on making it a herbivore.

    Because hippos are jerks.

    What is worse than a honey badger? A large honey badger with the speed of a deer, and the climbing abilities of mountain goat.

    Magma ooze
    Regular slime not challenging enough for you? Try slime made out of molten rock. Hope you invested in ice weapons.

    A demonic plant monster in a form of a fat child. Can burrow underground and climb as fast as it walks. And it can shriek. Maybe you should just give up going into the woods altogether.

    Slenderman is busy.

    A centipede construct made out of skeletons.

    Having a parasitic plant in you is bad. Having a parasitic plant that can add limbs and grows venice fly traps on your back is very bad.

    A big dead walking tree.

    Take a warlock, put him into most ridiculous robe, replace head with snake. Done! The Serpentfolk are intelligent bipedal snakes that shoot fireballs. And yet they are almost never used in videogames. :(

    It’s a sabertooth frog. What more do you want? OK, it’s also very sticky and can climb walls because of this. If that’s not enough, it can secret a slippery film onto the ground.

    Soulbound doll
    Constructs and golems can come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are just toys with souls in them. And nobody ever expects a doll would be the one to do them in.

    DeadLife gefällt das.
  5. PowerPyxeL

    PowerPyxeL retired CM

    Hi @SX255, i moved your postings over here, because the other thread was about to discuss the bestiary we announce to be in the game.
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  6. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Thank you.
  7. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    BOOK 3

    A seeking puffball of poisonous spores that hunts its prey by vibration. While a big one is a ridiculous concept, a swarm of small puffballs spewing poison on anything that moves would be a worthy challenge.

    Axe Beak
    It’s an oversized chicken. When was the last time you killed (or got killed by) one of those?

    Legends say the Carbuncle grows some sort of jewel on its head. It can also teleport at will, like a blink dog. Good luck gathering carbuncle horns for ingredients.

    Unfortunately, carbuncle is also the name of a medical wound, so I advice NOT to Google it.

    Carnivorous Crystal
    Who ever got eaten of a carnivorous crystal? Dead people, that's who. More specifically people who dived deep into mines expecting their treasures to be inanimate. The Carnivorous crystal is an ooze, that remains immobile for extended periods of time, but once it senses a living creature nearby, and dissembles itself and grows around its victim.
    As a crystal it is razor sharp, but weak to sonic attacks.

    Clockwork Spy
    Of all the clockwork constructs, this little spiderbot is the most practical to its master. Even though it can only spy, record audio and blow up, a small army of these can stop and cripple any party of adventurers.

    Dire Corby
    Not, its not Kirby. It’s Tangu + Morlock.
    These blue birds live underground, are very fast and can leap/pounce their targets. They are also cannibals and love to eat their own eggs. Explains why their population numbers are low.

    Div, Shira
    Of all the catfolk like creatures, I would go with this large one. An apex hunter living for nothing other than to hunt the strongest of mortals. A melee claw and bite fighter. Fast. Extra critical damage. Can teleport at will. Can even summon an ally creature. Your only salvation is that they work alone.

    A fast ghoul that can run on all fours at the speed of a horse. Doesn't like daylight.

    Foo Dog
    A big dog with a square head. Technically they are good guys, but look at that face. It just screams "now make an evil version of me and get devoured by it".

    Zmey Gorynych
    Just a dragon with 3 heads. But the Russians love him. Or love to kill him if he starts making trouble.

    Hellwasp Swarm
    It's a swarm of wasps that makes nests out of bodies. Just like that power in BioShock, only the wasps don't obey you.

    Kyton, Augur
    A small evil flying ball of blades. Loves to splash in blood like a child in a puddle.

    Plasma ooze
    A mysteries purple sphere that hovers in the air and shoots lightning with fire damage. It can attract or repel metal objects by creating magnetic fields.

  8. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    BOOK 4

    A small creature that lives in caves. Can climb and burrow. Likes to swarm and relentlessly chase its targets. Is very scared of water, as it cannot swim.

    Shadow drake
    A tiny charcoal-colored wyvern. Likes to steal, pickpocket and pick locks. Keeps to the shadows for concealment. Fast. In case of danger can spit out a black gaseous cloud like an octopus to cover its escape.
    Likes living in rundown urban areas. Can replace regular rats for the title of "nonflying rat".

    A creature, with only half a body, in Scottish and Scots-Irish folklore.

    A horrible construction out of flesh, that walks on arms, has one eye, and bites people. It has sin effects, but those are too much for this game.

    This ghost is special - it wanders around the dungeon and resets traps. Originally it was someone who got killed by a trap, now it seeks revenge by killing others with traps. Sometimes he creates traps from scratch.

    Teleporting 2.5 meter long albino cobras! Poisonous. You will never sleep again. :coffee:

    Relative newcomers to the western RPGs. People often play them as PCs in regular D&D sessions. They are magic foxes who can shapeshift to pass as humans. If I were to replace regular werewolves, I would replace them with these. Not evil, just tricksters.

    Leaf Ray
    A flying manta ray, that gives a forest the magical beauty of a coral reef. Its camouflage changes with the seasons.

    Giant crabs on the beach is not the worst way to die.

    Rat King
    A bunch of rats got entangled by the tails. Usually a sign of horrible sanitary conditions in town. Caries diseases.

    They live deep in the forest and consider themselves to be its protector. They mimic sound to lead people astray. Uses change shape. Can turn invisible at will.

    If it respawns, it's not endangered.

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  9. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Well, that's it.

    Took a day, but here we are - 4 Pathfinder tomes and 1200 monsters later. Those were my pics to recommend for Unbended bestiary expansion. Most likely I missed a few good ones. Feel free to add your own to the list.


    SX255 out :sleep:

    I love to study monsters.
    If you want me to go into detail description or find some info about any monster, just ask.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19 September 2014
    DeadLife gefällt das.
  10. Great thread! I would REALLY like to see and be able to slay without mercy giant ants - this desire goes back to when I was just a wee cookie girl and had the misfortune of seeing Them! on television very late at night while by myself. Scared the bejeebers out of me.

    Yep, I'd really like a chance to be able to take a whack at some giant ants.
    SX255 gefällt das.
  11. What I would love to see is random boss encounters...uber champions that can spawn anywhere on the map at any time...for those that played Titan Quest and ran into Toxeus you know what I am referring to.

    Having them burst out of a cave or emerge from the ground would be awesome.
    SX255 gefällt das.
  12. DeadLife

    DeadLife High Level Dragon

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Aquatic creatures, evil spirits, which, unlike mermaids, no tail. It was believed that Mavka are stillborn children who die unbaptized babies stolen or evil spirits.

    The peculiarity of the appearance of mavok is no skin on his back, causing the back they could see everything inside. For this reason, also called "non-back."

    They lurk in the rivers and lakes, knocking travelers from the road, the plant in the swamp and killed. After death, they may apply to the angels.

    Ifrit - a supernatural being. Evil, but law-abiding efreet - perfect army of the tyrant; so black magicians most people like to call it is this element. Ifritah body made of basalt, bronze and molten lava; his colossal figure radiates heat and glows dark orange.

    Live Sand
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    It would be interesting if in the desert here and there was live sand. For example, a hand of sand could stop character, grab him by the legs and strike (or delay in the sand).

    Forest spirits
    Beasts that do not have a physical body, they can cause air strikes and simple sword is very difficult to apply them to blows. Can subdue the trees and plants, making them alive and use them to attack the enemy.

    Tree snake
    This tree bark is very strong, but its branches clever as snakes. Those who encounter him, must be very good reaction, as will lead to the slow death.
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  13. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    Mutant Kangaroo

    Lets face it, when was the last time you fought evil kangaroos in a serious videogame? Those guys can pack a punch even without any mutations, and are instinctively programmed to drown any doglike predator.

    Also, don't tell me when you read "Unbended RU" you don't picture a mutated kangaroo :p
    DeadLife gefällt das.
  14. Nice stuff!

    But here my advice again for using pictures in the www:

    Be sure to add the owner/creator of the pics, because otherwise you could get into trouble!

    I would like to add the following with a "real" backround:

    - Gorgons
    - Behemoths
    - Basilisks
    - Zombies
    - Baobhan-Siths (some sort of nymphs, living in the woods, sucking blood out of their victims)
    - gryphons
    - Turuls (mixture of eagles and falcons)
    - Wendigowak (plural of Wendigo)
    - Chupacabras
    - Ghouls
    - Onis
    - Incubus and Succubus
    - Lichs
    - Homunculus (as a product of the Drift, would fit perfectly!)

    And some ideas of me personally:

    - undead or Stone-Dinosaurs like creatures. Would love to see some sort of undead Triceratops (maybe as a boss in THE PLAINS OF GAIHAEN)
    - for the ones who know the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" i would love to see some demon like the one from the movie who eats people, getting in his realm. with eyes in his hands and a sloppy style of walking around, creepy as shit!
    - giant versions of normal animals is always a cheap way, to fill the environement with creepy creatures (giant spiders, ants and so on), but what about little versions of stuff? like a swarm of tiny, bloodthirsty wolfs, very agile and organized? Would love to have some of such things in the game as well
  15. fox


    How about making some monster types available only during the daytime or the nighttime or during specific days of the month?

    For example, a werewolf would only show up during the night. Possibly during a full moon night.
    Maybe some walking horror you want to meet the least possible could roam freely during the darkest nights.
    Other monsters could be unable to see in the dark (most real world animals are) and be made unavailable during the nighttime.
    Others yet (maybe some magical being) could be more likely to appear in specific days of the month, perhaps in conjunction with some celestial or infernal event known to cyclically occur.

    My .02 €
    What are your thoughts?

    With the above examples I'm not implying that there should be werewolves, walking horrors, moon phases, or events of celestial/infernal nature in Unbended. I made examples to help explain an idea. I actually ignore whether in Unbended there will be werewolves, walking horrors, day/night cycles, a calendar to keep track of time, or even a sky to look at and see if there's the moon. Thought I suppose that a clever move to introduce the moon in a game without sky could be to show its reflection on the calm waters of a river/lake/pond ;)
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  16. SX255

    SX255 Metal sentry

    A freeroaming RPG without a day/night cycle? Absurd.

    As for day/night spawning, that can easily be created programmatically by just having two monster spawn lists instead of one. Anything more complicated than that would probably not be fun (aka unnecessary wait time (n)).

    I recommend you to NOT expect a real time and calendar tracking mechanic from Dungeon Keeper 1, as it is impossible nowadays to account for every platform clock.

    I like the idea of showing a reflection of the sky in the water. You could easily get away with a basic sky texture and one moving "orb". :rolleyes:
  17. Dragons that actually fly. Dive bombing aerial enemies. Would love to see some aquatic beasts too. While wading waist deep in a swamp and seeing a huge ripple in the water would be cool.

    Any variant to simple land based battles would be a welcome change.
    Orkun und SX255 gefällt das.
  18. It's almost certain that there will be Trihorns in the game, like mentioned in the character stories, so that's the second beast in the game list after the Nightmare...
  19. DeadLife

    DeadLife High Level Dragon

    They're currently experiencing an insatiable hunger and thirst, and look like a creature with a small neck and a huge insatiable belly.

    Winged creature with the appearance of a pig, dog, cat, snake or humans and feed on human blood. Good at camouflage.

    Monster with the head of a crocodile, mane and paws of a lion.
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  20. DeadLife

    DeadLife High Level Dragon

    Found an interesting monster arts that look attracting and frightening at the same time ...
    Just want to share)
    by Bao Pham

    by chevsy ~

    by ramsesmelendeze ~

    by Lady Owl
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